Motor City POCI, Chapter 91, is part of Pontiac-Oakland Club International based in Pontiac, Illinois (www.poci.org). Officially formed in 2007 and based in Milford, MI, our meetings take place at Bakers located at 2025 S. Milford Rd. 48381.

Every year since 2013 we have been hosting a car show at Bakers. We call it our Annual Summer Roundup and takes place on the fourth Saturday in August. In the past, the car show was for Pontiac’s and GMC Trucks only, we have now added Buick, Oldsmobile, Saturn SKY, Cadillac & LaSalle (25 years and older).

The purpose of the show is to raise money for various charities some of which are:

Visit: www.motorcitypoci.com/our-donations

We have a bi-monthly newsletter “Spokes” published by our editor Brian Doughterty. See the latest under “NEWSLETTERS” he is quite creative in his writings and topics.

Visit: www.motorcitypoci.com/newsletters

Our Activity Coordinator, Mike Cushing (who also leads up supporting the ChadTough Foundation) is always looking for new activities and places to visit.

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Kenny Galdes

Doug Cook

Vice President & Treasurer
Ray Golota

Kevin Yash

Phil Balmforth

Director & Activity Coordinator
Mike Cushing

Director & Newsletter Editor
Brian Doughterty

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